Growing Air Foundation (GAF) is a non-profit organization raising funds to replant forests that have been destroyed or degraded. Its activities are aimed at restoring normal climatic patterns as well as soaking up CO2 while at the same time providing fresh clean air. Furthermore, GAF strives to raise awareness to CPR- Conservation, preservation and respect of forests amongst present and future generations.  

Around the world, our essential (rain, temperate and boreal) forests are being destroyed and degraded. They need to be replenished, restored and allowed to recover. Rain, temperate and boreal  forests are a significant source of biodiversity sequestering CO2 and creating oxygen, in fact, growing air. That is the reason behind the establishment of the non-profit Growing Air Foundation.

GAF applies CPR: Conservation, Preservation and Respect with an emphasis on replenishing, restoring, recovering, re-planting and protecting essential (rain) forests. In this way, GAF promotes, defends, supports, and develops initiatives for the protection of the natural world. A consequence of this is the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the normalization of climatic patterns.

GAF works with local population(s) to achieve these goals generating a sustainable livelihood on a gender free basis further empowering local people and introducing solar technology so they will no longer need to burn wood. Teaching children CPR, Conservation, Preservation and Respect is the priority.
GAF is beginning with projects in Brazil where the Atlantic Rain Forest has been destroyed leaving only 7% of what was once an enormous lush rain forest.

 Trees versus carbon trading

At the moment countries can buy and trade carbon credits in the hope of lowering green house gasses. However, carbon credits cannot sequester green house gasses nor can they produce oxygen! Forests do both and more, they sequester CO2, NO2, SO2, and fine particulate matter and in return they produce oxygen, cool the planet, provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous population(s), afford a natural source of medicines, provide natural habitats for all forest life (bio-diversity), and normalize weather patterns.

GAF’s first project is the restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil from 7% to 100% recovery.

GAF’s Objectives

  • Recuperate degraded forest areas.
  • Essential and aromatic oil laboratory and distillery for export.
  • Facilitating ecotourism.
  • Constructing with sustainable, alternative materials (bamboo)
  • Reinforce existing protected areas.
  • Guarantee sustainability
  • Create alternative income for forest dwellers that are presently resorting to destructive activities like slash and burning for their survival.
  • Protect biodiversity of flora and fauna.
  • Create forest corridors to allow migration of species.
  • Preserve ethno-botanical culture (herbal wisdom).
  • Create “Community immunity” gardens for improving health and preservation and propagation of medical plants to prevent their extinction.
  • Environmental awareness lectures.
  • Apiculture (bee keeping) the meliponineos (native Brazilian honey bees), a native species that is the most important rainforest pollinator because it  propagates a high amount of flora including the most endangered and consequently the bees produce a medicinal honey.
  • Sustainable product research & development.
  • Actively advocate for the restoration and protection of forests worldwide.
  • Actively advocate for a ban on all actions that threaten, degrade, damage and destroy forests worldwide.

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