Ozonaguavida Project

Ozonaguavida Project


Vivian Nowack the project leader for the Ozonaguavida Project in Costa Rica, has witnessed the destruction of the rain forest for many years and decided she needed to do something to put a stop to it. She has already planted 7 hectares and has been planting trees for 19 years and now has 9 hectares to restore with the intention of planting 2000 trees. Vivian has gotten her neighbour involved who has 8 hectares to be planted with approximately 2000 trees as well. There is a possibility of acquiring another 250 hectares of degraded and or destroyed forest in need of restoration.


The area has a large source of clean, fresh water including a big river. Many areas are simply covered in grass where there was once forest, which is contributing to soil erosion and drying out underground sources of water.


Vivian will be introducing micro projects for growing food as well as the introduction of sustainable solar energy.


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In her own words Vivian Nowack states, “ It will make me very happy to achieve the goals in this project to save this amazing place with its’ crystal clear waters where trees are so very important.”


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