Article 1. Name and legal headquarters.

1.1   The name of the foundation is Stichting Growing Air Foundation.

1.2   The foundation has its legal headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Article 2. Goal and activities.

2.1  The goal of the foundation is to promote, defend, support, and develop initiatives for the protection of the natural world, with a special emphasis on the protection, planting, and replanting of forests and rainforests, the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the normalization of climatic patterns, and all other related or beneficial matters.

2.2   The foundation strives to achieve this goal by engaging in activities that might further its goal, including but not limited to the following:

a.  reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and normalizing climatic patterns through reforestation and planting of new forests

b.  reforestation and planting new forests around the world, making as much use as possible of the assistance of indigenous populations, and beginning in the southern hemisphere

c.  creating a safe and sustainable environment for indigenous animal species and the indigenous human population by enabling the local population to serve as forest wardens, introducing beehives for the benefit of the local population, having the local population assume the care of these beehives and the portion of the forest they have planted, and by other means and activities

d.  fund-raising for other organizations whose goal is to plant or replant forests and rainforests or are engaged in a practical sense in these activities

e.  establishing the Growing Air Label (GAL) by granting it to companies and other organizations that comply with the set criteria

f.  establishing the ‘Tree Ring’, a worldwide group of volunteers involved in education, counselling, advice, research, consultation and campaigns to work toward a sustainable balance between human beings, human rights, the environment, and the protection of the natural world, with a focus on planting trees suitable for regions where forestation and/or reforestation are needed

g.  addressing concrete local, regional, and global problems, abuses, and violations concerning the protection of the natural world; standing by those who run risks because of their activities in defence of nature; organizing meetings and conferences that benefit the foundation’s goal; and developing other such activities.

2.3   Assets of the foundation will be obtained via subsidies, grants, donations, endowments, legacies, bequests, and other gifts.

2.4  The foundation is a non-profit organization and does not pursue economic profit or gain.

Statutes Stg Growing Air Foundation are in Dutch:  Click here to download a Dutch version (Statuten Stichting Growing Air Foundation)


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